Monday, 13 January 2014

Difficulties sleeping - every baby is different

Surprisingly this post isn't about us struggling with sleep but Baby M.  We have been pretty sure for a while that he dislikes his Moses basket but after being told that he can't "hate" it we preserved with nightly upsets.

Baby M sleeps no problem in his pram but when we put him in his Moses basket he grumbles, crys, thrashes about and generally gets upset.  He also seems to have worse reflux in his Moses basket.

We have a bear which my mum got us which has a sound device in it which plays heartbeat, white noise, lullaby and sea noises.  This seemed to work for a little while however it then stopped soothing him.  We tried putting a rolled up towel under his mattress at one end to see if that would help with his startle reaction and also the reflux, again we had varying success.  We tried a dummy, we think that Baby M will probably be a thumb sucker but he isn't quite there yet so we tried a dummy.  Again some nights he keeps it in his mouth and is soothed, other nights he just wants to spit it out.

We reached the stage where, sleep deprived, we brought the pram upstairs - Baby M settled to sleep with no issues.  I have no idea why but there must be something with the Moses basket he doesn't like.  We discussed it and agreed there is no point persevering with something that upsets him.

I had a look on some mum forums and this seems to be a common problem (phew - reassurance!!!).  Other people stated they had also brought the pram upstairs for sleeping, others stated they had found co-sleeping worked. We will not be trying co-sleeping - it scares me and I wouldn't sleep from worry we would squash Baby M.  Other people put their baby in the cot.  Unfortunately this isn't an option for us as half of it is still at my parents, we are hoping that they can bring the rest to us so we can put him in his cot.

Yes I know you aren't supposed to put them in the cot until they are 6 months old but on the forum people stated they put the baby in a sleeping bag and I feel this is what we would do also to ensure he didn't kick his covers over his head (he is a wriggler!!).

I have to keep reminding myself that every baby is different and what might work for one might not work for another - we've tried lots of options with Baby M and a Moses basket just isn't for him